【Windows】Everything v1.4.1.894:文件搜索神器

Everything 是速度最快的文件名搜索软件。其速度之快令人震惊,百 G 硬盘几十万个文件,可以在几秒钟之内完成索引;文件名搜索瞬间呈现结果。它小巧免费,支持中文,支持正则表达式,可以通过   HTTP 或 FTP 分享搜索结果。如果不满意 Windows 自带的搜索工具、Total Commander 的搜索、Google 桌面搜索或百度硬盘搜索,如果正在使用或放弃了 Locate32,都值得推荐这款体积小巧、免安装、免费、速度极快(比 Locate32 更快)的文件搜索工具 Everything!

Everything 是一款硬盘文件名搜索软件和 HTTP/FTP 文件共享软件,基于 NTFS 索引来搜索文件;并能使用 HTTP/FTP 协议简单快速的来分享软件。大多数人使用的是它的搜索功能,而对它的文件共享功能知之甚少,其实,使用其文件共享功能,完全可以打造一个家庭共享中心,让移动设备共享播放电脑上的海量片源。



added option to index size, dates and attributes
added option to enable fast sorting of size, dates, attributes, path and extension
added thumbnail view
added preview pane
added REFS support
added advanced searching
added multi-file renaming
added content searching
added search history organizer
added show total size in status bar option
added single click open option
added full row select option
added perl compatible regex
added new search functions
added / search commands
added filter functions
added new Everything icon
improved folder deletion performance
improved indexing when using file and folder excludes
improved search term highlighting
improved database blocking
improved indexes updating
improved folder index monitoring
improved NTFS indexing
improved re-indexing performance when the existing indexes are up to date
improved IPC
fixed an issue causing Everything to hang onto a volume handle when trying to safely remove a device
fixed an issue with excludes being ignored when rebuilding the indexes
fixed a crash when renaming a folder that had subfolders that should be excluded
fixed an issue with sorting by date created ascending and date accessed ascending
fixed a crash when accessing file information cache
fixed an issue with ETP url links and special characters
fixed a focus issue with UAC prompts
fixed an issue when opening a file as admin
fixed a lock in the Everything service
fixed an issue with a race condition and initializing COM
fixed a hang when deleting a registry key
fixed an issue with very large sorts
fixed an issue with !parent:, !child: and !c:\path
fixed an issue with filter modifiers
fixed an issue with file:!
fixed an issue with indexing hidden or system folders/files
fixed an issue with previous navigation searches
fixed an issue when searching for a \path\
fixed a crash when cutting an item multiple times



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